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Aromatherapy is a gentle massage using essential oils to improve physical and emotional well-being. There are many essential oils, each having their own therapeutic properties and the benefits and effects of an aromAromatherapyatherapy massage is wide ranging.  The blending of essential oils is an art which requires a good working knowledge of the effects, characteristics and therapeutic properties of the oils that our pratitioners specialise in.

Whilst aromatherapy massage uses many of the techniques used during holistic massage, it is less vigorous and is usually performed more slowly.  It also includes specialised techniques such as attention to pressure points and lymphatic drainage.  Our Aromatherapists may suggest different ways to use specific essential oils at home so that you can prolong the effects of each treatment or they may make up a blend specifically for you to use at home.

At our clinics in West London, we offer sessions lasting 60 minutes.  In order to achieve long term benefits, a course of treatments should be taken so that clients are having weekly sessions.
Treatments at our Twickenham or Feltham clinics 60 minutes 90 minutes 120 minutes
Aromatherapy £60 £90 £120
Aromatherapy in your home £95 £140 £190


Cancer Patients

Cancer patients can benefit by having essential oils specially blended to suit their ailments. Some essential oils have anti-oxidant properties to help reduce the growth of cancer cells whilst other oils maMassage for Cancer Patientsy help to reduce scarring and burns from operations or radiotherapy.  We also use essential oils that reduce nausea and vomiting that can occur after receiving chemotherapy. Our practitioners will also work with you to reduce constipation from the medication you may be on. 
For cancer patients we are able to offer sessions lasting 30 minutes at one of our clinics in West London.  If we come to your home, the minimum session time would be for 60 minutes. We may also be able to offer treatments at hospices or hospitals.
Cancer Treatments at our clinics
in Twickenham / Feltham
30 minutes 60 minutes Home Treatments
(60 minutes minimum)
Aromatherapy £30 £60 £95
Lymphatic Drainage £30 £60 £95
Reflexology £30 £60 £95
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